Thursday, December 9, 2010

3D Ornament Tutorial

Coming soon to the Silhouette online store... some more 3D ornaments! I am including instructions on how to assemble one of them, and then the others are similar enough that you should be able to assemble all of them from looking at this.

1. Cut out all pieces.

2. Assemble grey top of the ornament first. Fold all tiny tabs over and use the one on the end to glue the sides together.

3. Insert the hanging loop into the two slits on the top of the grey circle. then glue it down using the two tabs, and glue the circle to the sides using the rest of the tabs.

4. This is what the top grey portion should look like assembled.

5. Fold all perforations that are on the main body of the ornament.

6. Use the long tab on the side to glue it into a circular shape.

7. Glue the tiny tabs all along the top portion.

8. Use the glued tiny tabs to connect each section to each other. Glue the tab to the back of the adjacent piece.

9. This is what it looks like after the top portion of the main body is all glued together. Next, attach the grey top to the main body using those two little tabs. So, stick glue on the outside of the tabs.

10. You will probably have to stick your finger or a pencil from the bottom of the ornament and use it to apply pressure to the inside of the grey top to get it to stick.

11. Fold down bottom portions and all done! You can glue these or adhere them to each other in some way but you don't need to. Also, on another version (the one with the stars) the bottom part is designed differently and you will need to use the tiny tabs to adhere the pieces to each other exactly like on the top half of this one.

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