Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me Gusta.

New from CB2:
The most rad beach cruiser ever.

At Christmas we helped JB's dad pick out an electra beach cruiser for JB's mom. Since then I have kinda wanted one.

But now that I see these I am in love! (in my mind right now I am imagining JB's retort: "You just want it because it looks cool." Me: "What's wrong with that?")

Maybe if I start riding my cheapie bike more I can justify getting one of these...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Train Shower part 1

I threw a baby shower for my good friend last weekend. I went with a train theme for the invites and decor.

For one activities at the shower, we assembled safe birthing kits for women in Haiti. I was so excited about this activity! As we were there celebrating Juli, and showering her with gifts, it was cool to recognize that not all pregnant women aren't quite as blessed. One in 10,000 women in Haiti have access to a doctor. One in 8 children in Haiti die before the age of ten. So, an organization called Konbit Sante is collecting these disposable safe birthing kits in an effort to provide more sanitary births for them.

Later this week I will blog about the second activity of the shower!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know I have mentioned how much I love the movie "Up." I ran across this photo on Say Yes to Hoboken today. How awesome is this?! Apparently the National Geographic Channel used 300 weather balloons to make this real house float.

Now I want to see them re-enact my other favorite animated movie, and send a rocket into space and shrink the moon!