Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paper Corsage and FREE DOWNLOAD!

I was doing my daily google reader stop, trying to clear out some of the 1,000's of unread blog posts that I never seem to catch up on, when I came across this beautiful flower on! I instantly fell in love and had to try it. ONLY I didn't want to sit and cut them out all by hand. That's what my Silhouette is for, right? :) So, I looked at the tutorial there, set up some cut files, and came out with this:

I followed her instructions pretty closely, as far as construction goes, with the following changes:
-I used paper instead of felt (obviously!)
-I glued the pieces together with hot glue
- I didn't bother with the cardboard and different color of felt for the base-- I just glued everything to a 2 inch diameter circle.
-After I got the petals all glued on, i put the 1" diameter circle on top, then took a 12"x1/4" piece of paper and curled it, then hot glued it in the center!

Like I said before, I don't take credit for the design or idea of this flower, all instructions came from this blog post and the designer is Megan Reardon. You can also find this corsage at However, if you do want to make them from paper, I am uploading free cut files that you can download and use!

.svg cut file (for any cricut/ SCAL users that may happen upon my blog)

Good Luck and I would love to hear from you if you use the file!