Monday, September 27, 2010

Kitchen Watercolors and free download

Last week I got together with a group of my friends and we had a "craft day" which was a blast! I decided that I had to craft something just for me and not to be sold in my shop! I feel like I craft a lot, but my home doesn't usually reap the benefits (though sometimes I do decorate my own home with things and then just take them down if and when it sales. Is that weird?).

I decided to make these silhouetted images of food and kitchen items to hang in a row in my kitchen. The way I made them was, I cut watercolor paper into 5x7 pieces. Then, I cut out all of the images I wanted out of regular white cardstock, in the middle of a 5x7 rectangle. I took each image and lightly spray glued it to the water color paper, and used the cardstock as a kind of mask. The watercolor did blled into the cardstock in a few places, but mostly i was just careful not to not paint up to the VERY edge.

After it had dried for a few minutes, I peeled off the cardstock mask and voila! nice silhouetted images!

I am offering the whisk as a free download!

Click here to download a zipped file with a .svg file and .gsd cutting file of the whisk image.

Friday, September 24, 2010

3D Bat!

So. This will be in the Silhouette online store later this week (hopefully later today!) Here are the instructions of how to put it together!

Here are all the pieces. There are two different little shapes (bottom right corner) and you will end up using one or the other. The rounded one is for if you are hanging it with string or fishing line, and the rectangle one is if you are hanging it with a ribbon.

1. Connect the wing shapes.

2. Slide the body shape over the intersection of the wings.

3. Take the little circle with the legs and fold the legs so that they point down.

4. Take the leg circle and slide it over the bottom part of the bat's body. You will need to bend the bat's body, as shown.

5. spread out the wings and body pieces as shown.

6. Take the hanging piece, fold along the perforation, and put a dot of glue on the side without the hole cut into it.

7. Slide the hanging piece onto the back of the bat, so that it glues onto the underside of one of the wings.

8. Attach ribbon and hang!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Mobile

I have made a played with a few different versions of butterflies over the last few weeks. Last night I finally decided on one that I like for my shop. Look for it later today!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Muumuu refashion!

My latest project from Home Ec, refashioning an old dress. I can't wait to try it again!

This was the before. I had to crop out my face because I guess wearing that muumuu made me make not so pretty facial expressions :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3D Pumpkin Tutorial

This week in the Silhouette online store I am releasing this adorable 3D pumpkin.

Here is the tutorial of how to assemble it.

1. cut out all your pieces:

2. Take the rectangle piece with tabs (this is the center of the pumpkin), and curl it into a cylindrical shape. I found it helpful to rub it on the edge of my desk to get a smooth curve without any hard creases! Apply glue along the tabbed area from top to bottom.

3. Glue to other side. You may have to hold it for a moment to get it to stay. Congrats, that was the most difficult part of assembling!

4. Fold down the little tabs.

5. Apply glue to one tab on the top and bottom of the cylinder. Make sure they line up vertically. I started next to the overlap to make sure.

6. Take one of the long, curved pieces and attach it to the glued tabs. This shape is symmetrical, so it doesn't matter which direction it is glued-- either end can be attached to the top.

7. Repeat step 7 all around the pumpkin.

8. This is what it looks like after you have all the long strips glued on. Almost done!
If you look closely on the center column, one side has 4 slits cut into it. Make sure that side is on top.

9. Take the two stem pieces, and slide them together thru the slits.

10. Place the 4 edges of the stem into the slits at the top of the center column. All done, good job!

Please comment if there are any questions or confusion. Thanks!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Apartment Therapy

I was thrilled this morning to wake up and find my baby mobiles featured in a post on Ohdeedoh, Apartment Therapy's children blog. I think I might have peed a little bit. Or maybe just "squealed like a 13 year old girl at a Twilight movie," to quote my friend Breea.

Just had to share. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Detailed Leaf Download

The feeling of Fall is in the air (Well... not really here in Tucson. I guess a better thing to say is that Fall is all over the blogosphere)!

Click here to download a GSD (compatible with Robomaster software) and an SVG, zipped into the same file.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

Wow this week flew past.
found here.

TheFancyLamb created this etsy treasury with such great, fresh colors, I had to share.

ps. I really did plan on designing a free silhouette shape this week. I don't know what happened! Next week, I promise! xoxo