Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a few things...

I have to tell you how crazy it is to live in Tucson sometimes. I feel like I really live in the WILD west. A while ago I was out in my backyard clipping the dead roses off my bush and I noticed something in the corner of my eye. A BOBCAT was taking a nap on my neighbor's porch! Not that I knew it was a bobcat at first... I had to call JB and have a whisper conversation that went something like this: "JB! There is a large cat like animal on the neighbors porch. Should I be afraid? Do I need to go inside? Will it hurt me? What kind of animal is it?!"

(ps. This is my official apology to my next door neighbors, if you do or will ever read my blog. I am sorry for being a creeper and taking pictures of your back yard. But it was A BOBCAT! I couldn't help it!)

I have been sewing a ton lately and as soon as I get some pics of myself in the clothes taken, I will show off my cute new shirts I have been whipping out!

Do you follow Oh Happy Day and did you see her free 7 day trip to Paris giveaway? If not, run over there and enter! It can't hurt, right?