Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Shower Pics

This last Saturday I threw a baby shower for my friend Sarah. Sadly, I was running around like crazy before it started, so I wasn't able to capture pictures of all the decorations or get very high quality on the ones that I did stop to snap!

 A snapshot of the food table. I made the newspaper/fabric scrap flowers and also the stuffed bunny! I actually used a pattern from called the Menswear Bunny but just used the cotton instead of wool. It worked just great.
This is my new take on those adorable tissue paper pompoms that are all over the place right now. Instead of using 8 layers of tissue paper, I alternated 4 layers of tissue, and 4 sheets of newpaper. I love how they turned out (be aware, they are quite a bit more difficult to fluff than the all tissue paper version (but worth it!)). Also, If you look under the pompom, you can see the scalloped fabric bunting that I made for the mother to be! I went and secretly picked up the same fabric that she is using for her bedding and then created the bunting. I love this decorating idea because it's something that she is going to be able to take home and decorate her nursery with. So, it doubles as shower decor and a gift!

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  1. so fun, loni! i want to come to parties at your house and take in all your creativity!