Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3D Flowers

I just finished designing these 3D paper flowers for the Silhouette and I am way stoked about them! I am planning a baby shower this weekend and these are going to look fabulous as part of the decorations!

Here are some step-by-step directions on how to put the flowers together. They are super easy!

1. Cut all pieces of the flower. It will work better if you cut the center pieces out of card stock. Here are all the pieces of one flower.

2. take the two center pieces and slip them together, through the slits that were cut down the middle.
3. To fit the petals on, I folded the center pieces back together. It made it much easier. You might have to curve the center slightly together to get the petals to fit over. They petals should then settle snugly into the notches on the sides of the center piece.
4. After you get all the petal pieces on, you just have to spread out the center pieces and voila! You are done!
As an optional step, I used a hot glue gun and glued little twigs to the bottom of the flowers for stems. You could also use pipe cleaners!


  1. LOVE these! I really enjoy 3D options with the SIL and these are perfect for an upcoming surprise birthday party I'm hosting. Thanks!

  2. Oh Loni these are awesome I love your designs, Thanks so much great job...

  3. I absolutely love these flowers. TFS

  4. You're amazing! The flowers are so cute, they are sitting in my baby's room! Thanks so much!

  5. Love the 3-D flowers! What kind of paper did you cut the petals out of?
    Donna J. in Miami, Fl

  6. Thanks Donna! I usually make sure to make the centers of the flowers out of card stock, because then they area better support. As for the petals, in this post they are just regular weight paper with printing on one side. But sometimes I make them out of two sided card stock as well! Both work.

  7. I am a new fan! I too love the flowers and the bouqet you made from the elephent, er uh, "poop" paper. LOL I am going to buy the file from the SIL store Can you provide additional detail on how you attached a stem and leaves? Thanks