Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sneak Peek of our Nursery

Our baby's room is FAR from being completed, especially since we are currently at a stale mate over the wall color. I thought I knew what color I wanted it to be, but after I bought the paint sample and put a portion of it up on the wall, I wasn't so sure... 5 paint samples later, and nothing has changed! In the mean time, I sewed some fabric baskets to go on our changing table. Here is a peek:

I mostly followed a combo of this tutorial from vlijtig, and this tutorial from Pink Penguin (they are really similar). However, all the fabric basket tutorials I found online were much too small for how I wanted to use them, so I made mine way bigger than these two tutorials. Just case you want to make yourself a basket big enough to hold more than two things, I will share my dimensions with you so you don't have to do the math too:

  • Top outside fabric: cut two 18x5 inches
  • Bottom outside fabric: cut one 18x16 inches
  • (After I sewed these together, I laid them on batting and cut out a piece the same size. This is especially important in a basket this big because otherwise it will flop over and not hold its shape.)
  • Lining: 18x25 inches
  • Straps.... hmm didn't really measure these but probably something like 3.5x6 inches
  • (One last note: when you do the box corners, I measured 7 inches across the bag and marked, then sewed it)

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  1. This looks so cute! I want you to come and re-design my house. When will you be in Denver next ;)