Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check Yes!

I don't think I have ever mentioned this on my blog, but one of my clients I do regular design work for is Intermountain Donor Services.

Here are a couple of my favorite things I have designed for them:

As much as I love all the other design work I do, I especially love the work I do for IDS. Designing cute ribbons and hearts to go on scrapbook pages is fun, but I feel like the stuff I do for IDS has more "substance." It educates people and (hopefully) motivates them to become organ donors, and ultimately, save lives.

I have been thinking more about this lately because my Aunt Julie is going in tomorrow to receive a bone marrow transplant as the next step in her battle against leukemia. She is fortunate enough to have a sibling that is a match (my dad, in fact!), and her chance of recovery goes up greatly because of that. Other people aren't as fortunate. So, today as I am thinking of Julie and wishing there was more I could do to help, I figured I could at least blog about organ donation and encourage everyone to check yes and possibly save someone's life in the future.

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