Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me Gusta.

New from CB2:
The most rad beach cruiser ever.

At Christmas we helped JB's dad pick out an electra beach cruiser for JB's mom. Since then I have kinda wanted one.

But now that I see these I am in love! (in my mind right now I am imagining JB's retort: "You just want it because it looks cool." Me: "What's wrong with that?")

Maybe if I start riding my cheapie bike more I can justify getting one of these...


  1. that really is so cool! i'd love to have one of those too. tell JB that you'd ride it more because it looks cool.

  2. Loni -

    I was given a "One Lovely Blog Award" and am passing it along to you and your lovely design blog. Keep updating us on your design masterpieces!