Friday, September 24, 2010

3D Bat!

So. This will be in the Silhouette online store later this week (hopefully later today!) Here are the instructions of how to put it together!

Here are all the pieces. There are two different little shapes (bottom right corner) and you will end up using one or the other. The rounded one is for if you are hanging it with string or fishing line, and the rectangle one is if you are hanging it with a ribbon.

1. Connect the wing shapes.

2. Slide the body shape over the intersection of the wings.

3. Take the little circle with the legs and fold the legs so that they point down.

4. Take the leg circle and slide it over the bottom part of the bat's body. You will need to bend the bat's body, as shown.

5. spread out the wings and body pieces as shown.

6. Take the hanging piece, fold along the perforation, and put a dot of glue on the side without the hole cut into it.

7. Slide the hanging piece onto the back of the bat, so that it glues onto the underside of one of the wings.

8. Attach ribbon and hang!


  1. Those bats would be perfect to hang from the ceiling at Halloween! So cute!

  2. He is just too cute! I want one ;)

  3. Does JB help you engineer these things?

  4. I made two of these. They are so cute! I have trouble with the body on the second one but I think I bent it the wrong way. It still works! Love it.